Caring beyond your smile


A clever little hive...

Why Honeycomb?

The honeycomb, in the form of its many linked hexagons, is the structure created in Nature that better combines strength and efficiency: the two defining characteristics we are adopting to run our little hive…

The honeycomb structure is maintained by the combination of high skills and the hard work of its Team: the Bees, a source of inspiration to our methods.

Bees are invaluable agents for the cross-pollination of plants and are crucial for the healthy prosperity of our ecosystems. Bees are under-threat of extinction and our Logo also pays homage to what they represent.

Honey is a simple form of a sustainable resource and sustainability is a point of our focus.

Our Homage to Bees

Our Passion for Great Oral Care

Close-up of dental examination

Our Passion for The Environment

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Our Eco Focus

We care deeply about the environment as work to these simple environmentally friendly goals:

  • To recycle all our domestic waste.
  • To help with the segregation of our recycled waste.
  • To keep lights and all electrical appliances switched off (not on standby) when not in use.
  • To keep doors and windows closed when heating is Switched On.
  • To print documents double-sided and gray scale.
  • To encourage the Owner and Manager to keep purchasing 100% recycled paper and environmental friendly chemicals.
  • To encourage the Owner and Manager to buy used furniture and other items, whenever possible.
  • Whenever needed, to help the Owner and Manager in developing Environmental friendly strategies.
  • To encourage patients to use digital medical forms (instead of paper).