Our Clinic policies



Honeycomb Dental Clinic is fully committed to every patient’s care, access and safety.

We follow a comprehensive list of policies and procedures designed to provide the best and safest journey to all our patients. 

All our policies have been thoroughly checked and approved by the Care Quality Commission.


CQC Registered

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of Health and Social Care in England. We are registered and comply with the CQC.

We are proud to state that our methods and policies have been recently inspected, praised and approved by the CQC. The full report can be seen here. 


General Dental Council Registration & Standards for the Dental Team

All our clinicians are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC). All members of our nursing team are also either fully registered as Dental Care Professionals or are undertaking a recognised training qualification in dental nursing, as required by the GDC.

The standards are set for the Dental Team and reviewed regularly. We have an individual responsibility to behave professionally and follow these principles at all times.

  • Put patients’ interests first

  • Communicate effectively with patients

  • Obtain valid consent

  • Maintain and protect patients’ information

  • Have a clear and effective complaints procedure

  • Work with colleagues in a way that is in patients’ best interests

  • Maintain, develop and work within our professional knowledge and skills

  • Raise concerns if patients are at risk

  • Make sure our personal behaviour maintains patients’ confidence in us and the dental profession

Child Protection and Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults

We are committed to protecting children and vulnerable adults from harm.

Without exception, all people have the right to protection from abuse. Our dental team accepts and recognises the responsibility to develop awareness of these issues. All suspicions and allegations of abuse will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly and appropriately. All patients have the right to live their life free from abuse and neglect.

Cross Infection Control

Our surgeries are designed to ensure that the best cross infection and hygiene standards are in place for your peace of mind. We have a central decontamination and sterilization room in line with the latest Department of Health cross infection recommendations. We fully comply with the new Health Technical Memorandum HTM 01-05.

Our nurses and decontamination lead (and nurse) are well trained to maintain the high standards on Cross Infection Control.

Freedom of Information

We recognise that information is vital, both in terms of the clinical management of individual patients and the efficient management of services and resources. The Clinic has a publication schedule under the Freedom of Information Act.


We use digital radiography which allows us to take low dose x-rays that yield high quality diagnostic information. We only take radiographs when they are clinically justified and we take steps to ensure that every radiograph is as accurate as possible to reduce the need to repeat a radiograph.  All our dentists undertake regular radiography training and we follow regulations set out by IRMER. We audit Quality Assurance on a 6 monthly basis.

First Aid

All members of our Team are trained to act in an event of a medical emergency. 

We regularly update and refresh our skills in CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) training and in the management of medical emergencies.


We will only proceed with planned treatment after a patient has given informed consent.  A written estimate will be available for all courses of treatment and patients will be advised immediately should there be a need to change the original treatment plan.

Cancellation Policy

We ask 24 hours notice to change or cancel your appointment as this gives us the opportunity to re-allocate the time to another patient in need. Running an efficient appointment system where patients give us notice if they are unable to attend a dental appointment, means we minimise wasted treatment time and are able to keep waiting lists down. 

Data Protection

We are registered under the data protection act.

We use computerised digital records that are held securely on our server in a password protected database and patient confidentiality is ensured at all times.


As part of this commitment, we’re working hard to meet the high standards of the new European data protection law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The following .PDF explains your rights under this new law and will become effective 23 May 2018.

By continuing to use our services after this date as a patient, you agree to these updated terms.

It is possible to adjust how our clinic can communicate with you, by contacting our reception team and changing your contact preferences.

Disability Access

Honeycomb Dental Clinic will not treat a disabled person less favourably than another person because of a disability. We have systems in place to help disabled patients.

Zero Tolerance

We will act in accordance with the NHS Zero Tolerance Policy toward violent or abusive patients in the rare event of such a situation arising.

Other Policies

The above list of policies is not an extensive list of all our policies. Other policies are kept and regularly reviewed in the Clinic.

Complaints Policy

Please see here.

Environmental Policy

Please see here.