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Denplan Membership

‘Why Would I..?’


Even though we try to keep our fees affordable, we understand that paying for dental treatments can be inconvenient when treatment and unexpected bills are required at unexpected times.

‘I have just booked my holiday…’; ‘Christmas is coming…’; ‘I haven’t been paid yet, can I wait for the end of the month?’; ‘I have just spent so much recently with the children…’; ‘We are going through a house renovation…’

With Denplan Care you benefit from having the treatment you need, not just the treatment you can afford at the time.

Very good dentist, takes time to explain plan of treatment. Gives the patient reassurance through out the appointment. Extremely thorough. Pleasant dental nurse too. Definitely recommend. I was advised to join Denplan, I choose the middle priced fees & its already paid for its self!!
— Lyn Ashworth
Young lady with big smile following affordable dental treatment in Somerset

How Do the Fees Compare?

‘See through preconceptions; See how things change’

Please click here to learn about our Denplan fees and how they compare to other fees.  

When you feel ready, our team will be happy to discuss your plan with you.

Honeycomb Dental Clinic's Denplan outdoor sign

Denplan Essentials & Care Fees

At our Clinic, we provide Denplan Essentials and Denplan Care. Several fee Bands are available: flexible, individual and tailored to your needs. 

Our starting fee of £12.80/month (for the Essentials plan) is well below the UK average. Denplan's 'Care' plan fees range from £13.70 to £33.99 per month (depending on your oral condition, decided on by an initial assessment with one of our dentists) and provides full cover. Our average Care plan fee is band C @ £22.65 per month.

Middle aged couple smiling after becoming Denplan members

Five Fee Bands

After an initial assessment, patients are placed into one of five fee Bands.

More information is available at our clinic. Alternatively, click below to find out more about Denplan. 

The Benefits of Denplan

Membership plans are designed to give you good long-term oral health following our approach that prevention is better than cure.

They give our patients:

  • Access to private dentistry at a discounted or no additional cost;
  • Dental emergency support;
  • Worldwide dental insurance;
  • and many other benefits 

A great way to budget for your oral care.

Denplan patients have priority at appointments outside our standard working hours (before 9am and after 5pm).

The acceptance has been overwhelming and patient satisfaction is high. 

Denplan alternative to NHS. Very efficient and friendly service from all the team at Honeycomb. Denplan provides good cover for hygienist and dentist care. I have had good guidance on crowns, a bridge and replacing amalgam fillings. My dentition is now the best it has been for years.
— Anonymous patient @ NHS Choices