Quality NHS dentistry


NHS Services

We are proud to deliver NHS care.

NHS general dental treatments will provide all that is necessary to secure oral health in a cost-effective way. It is important to note that patients are charged according to three bands, which are national prices fixed by the government. 

Happy young family enjoying a picnic following NHS dental treatment

Exemption from NHS Charges

Some people are exempt from charges and will require evidence of their exemption.

Treatment is free for:

  • Patients under the age of 18
  • Patients who are 18 but still in full time education
  • Expectant mothers
  • Nursing mothers
  • Others receiving various low income benefits (such as Tax Credit and Income Support)
Close-up of patient having an NHS dental treatment

What's not Included in NHS Care?

While we are committed to the NHS, there are certain limitations in the types of dental treatments and materials that we are able to use and provide.

For example, cosmetic treatments are not available on the NHS.

We are however more than happy to explore with you a comprehensive range of private alternatives.

Husband kissing wife's cheek after she's had a private dental treatment

Can I have a Mix of NHS & Private Treatment?

Patients are able to mix treatment options and have NHS and private work under the same course of treatment. We will have an informed discussion about suitable options with you and provide you with a detailed written estimate.

Across the UK, every NHS annual target for the year is limited, which may affect waiting and booking times. We deliver NHS services between 9am and 5pm and appointments are limited to these times.




High-quality local service: Our family have received a great service from this practice since we moved into the area some 14 months ago. We were pleased to find an NHS dentist within cycling distance and they even provide parking for our bikes. We have been very happy with the quality of the work we have had done and the informative way that our treatment decisions have been arrived at
— Collin Farnworth