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Patient Testimonials

Our Team at HDC would like to thank you all for posting the nicest comments about us!

They help to keep us motivated...  : )


Caring Support

I want to say a really big thank you for taking such care of my Mum, after she fell in the street near your building the other week. 

I live in Australia and so I only found out about the fall the day after. Mum looked like she had been in a boxing match! She told me how your staff took wonderful care of her. 

I feel very grateful that you have such beautiful souls as part of your team. Not everyone would have taken such care. 

As a way of saying thank you, I would like to give a donation to a charity of your choice. Let me know and I will make the donation and forward the receipt. 

Thank you again 

Kindest Regards, 


Dental Experience

I have been going to the dentist for over 55 years now and have had many good experiences and luckily not many bad ones. This dental practice rates well into the good experiences. The dentist is always pleasant, caring and keeps me informed at all times. I always feel confident with them and their work. All staff at the clinic are friendly and helpful. As much as it can be it is always a pleasure to attend the dental clinic. Hopefully the dentist will stay with us for many years to come.
— Trevor

Resolved the Toothache 

In early March, I started to suffer with intense toothache, I contacted Honeycomb Dental Practice at 2pm and was ask to come in immediately and the dentist would see me as soon possible....The pain went overnight. Now the tooth has settled down a more permanent root canal filling has been undertaken. The care and attention by the dentist, the nurse and the reception team, was excellent - nothing too much trouble. The management of the treatment was very professional, especially as a pain case.
Thank you all so much.
— Mike

Resolved Confidence in Dentists

After having a number of really confidence destroying visits at my last clinic, along with bad advise, Honeycomb Dental Clinic restored my confidence, gave me great advise, great treatment; were courteous, friendly, caring and extremely professional. I highly recommend this clinic!
— Caroline

Put at Ease

I would like to recommend this dentist very highly. I had a filling that needed to be repaired. When I arrived at the dentist the receptionist was very warm and welcoming, which put me at ease. The dentist sat down with me and asked me what’s wrong with my tooth, I told the dentist then they had a look in my mouth. The dentist explained to me that i needed a X-ray. After the X-ray the dentist explained everything that needed to be done and even told me the different fillings that I could have. Being a nervous patient it was nice that the dentist took the time to explain everything to me as they were repairing my tooth, which kept me reassured and made it so much easier to cope with . If you’re nervous about going to the dentist, I will most definitely recommend this dentist very highly.
— Guest

Best Practice 

The whole team at Honeycomb are excellent. I have been so impressed with them since I joined recently. They were recommended to me and I have since recommended them. They make you feel very comfortable, at ease and are very friendly. They really involve you in your examination and I have never felt so informed. They go through X-rays and have given me a mirror so that everything can be shown to me and explained. Super stars!
— Charlie

Dental Fear

I can’t believe it ! All my life I’ve been terrified of dentists — not sleeping or eating beforehand, totally terrified of the long (last) walk to the chair — but recently when I needed a large filling, I went to honeycomb dental practice. I waited for all the terrors to kick in — nothing ! This has never happened to me before. Seriously you phobics out there, it was pain free, fast and calm, — plus a brilliant result , worth every penny — and no worse than a hair do ( honest ). I worked out that it’s down to my confidence in the wonderful, skilled and up-to-date dental team ( lovely nurses too !) So be brave, you will very quickly become confident enough to want a lovely, pain - free smile !
— Val

Nervous Patient

Having had some awful experiences during dental treatment in the past i have developed a severe phobia of the dentist, this resulted in me not visiting a dentist for years. I recently broke my tooth and had to bite the bullet (excuse the pun) and make an appointment, i have to say from the receptionists through to the dental nurse and dentist them self i was treated with total respect and understanding with regards to my phobia. i had the necessary treatment which to my amazement was relatively pain free. I now feel confident (sort of) to now attend regular check ups in the future. Thank you all very much.
— Judith

New Patient

New patient at practice. The dentist was very thorough and informative. Spent time discussing options and seemed to genuinely care about patients. Received treatment for which a full explanation was given at every stage. Their approach was friendly and very settling for me. No hesitation in recommending for service provided.
— Paul

Professional Team

I have been in the practice for a number of years. I have always found the team very professional and knowledgeable. I trust the team to provide the very best care for my teeth. The dentist includes me in forward planning for my oral care and whilst very professional they are very friendly too!
— Kevin

Highly Recommend

Upon every appointment, I have been provided with outstanding service by all staff members. I had to have wisdom teeth removed, a general check up and a filing. The whole time the dentist and assistant made me feel at ease and explained everything to me very clear. The receptionist were both very welcoming and very helpful. (I was very nervous about the tooth removal procedure) My son has also had his first appointment and has been provided with the same high quality care.
— Lottie

Great Service

Very happy that dentist has decided to base themselves in Winscombe. They are a superb dentist
and, as far as a visit to the dentist is ever pleasant, a great asset to the village. They and all their staff are extremely pleasant and we know that they are there to fix any dental problems that arise with competence and gentleness. Long may we enjoy the benefit of this valued member of our community.
— Carol

Appointment Times

I must say having my previous dentist of forty years plus in Bristol I was quite apprehensive switching dentist but I was most impressed with the service I received they have all the latest high tech systems in place, the staff are lovely and the dentist made me feel at ease. Overall so glad I joined the practice.
— Ingrid