Want straighter teeth?


Honeycomb orthodontics

An Attractive Straight Smile


A straighter smile can look just nice, but some people will put off having orthodontic treatment as they think they may be too old, or it will be too costly, uncomfortable and time consuming. Others simply do not want to have to wear unsightly braces for months or even years. 

Do your teeth stop you from smiling?
Do you want straight teeth and a perfect smile… but quickly?
Do you want an affordable option to straighten your teeth?

Quick Straight Teeth (QST)

Quick Straight Teeth™ (QST) offers an answer to all these issues.

Quick Straight Teeth™ is the most affordable, comfortable and effective way of straightening your teeth to give you a perfect smile. The invisible braces work by only concentrating on the front 6 to 8 teeth. QST braces can correct mild to moderate misaligned teeth quickly, making it more affordable than similar options.

Our patients and dentists appreciate the quality of their UK made system and the results this achieves. The braces also have the advantage of being almost invisible and not distracting or bulky.

Dr. Daan Malik is our QST dentist and he will be happy to discuss your case.

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Lady smiling and relaxing in the park after initial orthodontic consultation

Initial Consultation

Full assessment, diagnosis and advice from Dr. Daan Malik is available at no cost.


High quality 3M Gemini clear brackets and fine tooth coloured wires make QST easy to wear and difficult to see. No unsightly ‘train tracks’.

Life as Normal

Braces technology has moved on in recent years. They rarely affect your speech or your lifestyle in any way.


Low lab costs are passed directly to the patient, allowing our fees to start from only £890.


Attractive older man smiling following adult teeth straightening treatment

Fast Acting

The QST system works quickly. You may only need to see your dentist a few times, which means less appointments to keep.


Only gentle pressure is put on your teeth, to level and align them. This system is specially designed to ensure optimum wearability and comfort.

A Pleasant Smile

Within a few months, modern orthodontic treatment can bring you a fine smile and a confidence boost.


And to add yet more value and keep you motivated during treatment, we will include a Whitening Home Kit at the end of it.

Close-up of healthy, straight teeth following discreet adult braces

A Personal Approach

Although QST is a standardized system, each set of braces is as individual as the people they are made for.

Not Just for Children

No need to be concerned about being too late in life. Our orthodontic treatment is suitable for adults who declined braces when they were younger, or for patients whose teeth have moved more recently and would like a more aesthetic smile.

Health Benefits

A healthy smile helps in many ways and makes looking after your teeth and gums easier. Therefore, less treatment is required in the future.


Case 1





Case 2





This young man was unhappy with the way the front teeth were overlapping and crossed over. QST fixed braces were worn for seven months to align the teeth. He Is now proud of his smile and wishes he had done it sooner!

This lady was unhappy with an instanding incisor, that gave the impression she had a missing tooth. As a result she was very embarrassed to smile. She wore a QST fixed brace for five months. She now loves to smile and show off her straight teeth!