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Composite build-up

Patient came in and it was clear how much she disliked smiling, the gap in her upper teeth and even showing her teeth in general. We managed to show the patient in the chair a little mock-up of what could be done and explained about cosmetic bonding which is a non-invasive procedure that simply uses a filling material to change the shape of the teeth to her liking. The patient was very interested and was even more surprised to be told it would only take one appointment

Thank you so much. I still can’t stop smiling. It sounds so cheesy but you have changed my life for the better. My self-esteem is already improving and I’m not afraid to smile!


Aesthetic e.max crowns on upper anteriors

Patient came in after suffering an unfortunate football related injury to his upper front teeth. Being so young he was naturally concerned about whether or not his teeth could be repaired. He was very cooperative throughout the treatment process and we managed to save all his teeth resulting in 4 natural looking E max crowns and, of course, a brand new smile.

I would like to thank you for the amazing job you did with my teeth. My parents and I are really pleased with the outcome.


Closing ‘gap’ with composite build up

Patient came in looking for possible solutions to close the gap between his upper front teeth. He was pleasantly surprised to find there was a wholly conservative approach involving no damage to his teeth. This was done using a white filling material and took only one appointment.

I didn’t think this type of treatment was possible until you showed me and now I’m loving my new smile! Thanks very much


Tooth bleaching and cosmetic bonding of a dark ‘front’ tooth

Patient came in and explained about a past trauma to her upper central tooth resulting in loss of the nerve inside it. Over time this tooth had become very dark and she became very self-conscious of her smile. We explained how bleaching and cosmetic bonding could be a quick and efficient method to revive  the colour back into her tooth. With great cooperation from the patient and a 2 week treatment time we managed to bring her tooth back to life'.


Thank you so much. I now actually enjoy smiling and my confidence has improved a lot. It is also nice to hear compliments from friends and family too!